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Updated 20/10/2021 





Election of councillors to Lydd Town Council

Local Government Act 1972 (Sec. 87(2))


that due to the resignation of Samantha Hall, a vacancy has arisen in the Office of

Councillor for the Town Council.  

If by 9 November 2021 (14 days excluding Dies Non, after the date of this notice*) a

request for an election to fill the vacancy is made in writing to :

The Returning Officer

Folkestone & Hythe District Council

Civic Centre

Castle Hill Avenue


Kent CT20 2QY


by TEN electors for the Electoral Area**, an election will be held to fill the vacancy,

otherwise the vacancy will be filled by co-option.

If an election is called, it will take place not later than 17 January 2022.

Dated 20 October 2021 

Angela Alexander

Clerk to Town Council


13 High Street


Romney Marsh

TN29 9AF

* In computing any period of time for this purpose, a Saturday, Sunday, day of the Christmas break, of the Easter break or

of a bank holiday or day appointed for public thanksgiving or mourning must be disregarded.

"The Christmas break" means the period beginning with the last week day before Christmas Eve and ending with the first

week day after Christmas Day which is not a bank holiday, "the Easter break" means the period beginning with the

Thursday before and ending with the Tuesday after Easter Day, and "a bank holiday break" means any bank holiday not

included in the Christmas break or Easter break and the period beginning with the last week day before that bank holiday

and ending with the next week day which is not a bank holiday.

** The request must come from TEN Local Government Electors for the Parish Ward where the Parish is Warded.  







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Published: 6 Oct 21

QUEENS ROAD, LITTLESTONE, NEW ROMNEY, (PROHIBITION OF DRIVING) TEMPORARY ORDER 2021. To allow works to be carried out to provide a new electricity supply, Kent County Council has made an Order to temporarily prohibit through traffic on part of Queens Road, Littlestone, New Romney. The closure is currently planned from Monday 11th October 2021 for an estimated period of up to 5 days. For further information please click on the title. Read More...


Published: 6 Oct 21

POPLAR ROAD, LYDD. TEMPORARY PROHIBITION OF DRIVING. Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984- Section 01 (2). Kent County Council gives notice that Poplar Road, Lydd will be closed to through traffic, on or after 6th October 2021 for 1 day. For further information please click on the title. Read More...


Published: 6 Oct 21

HOOK LANE, BROOKLAND. TEMPORARY PROHIBITION OF DRIVING. Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 - Section 14 (2). Kent County Council gives notice that Hook Lane, Brookland will be closed to through traffic, on or after 7th October 2021 for up to 2 days. The whole road will be closed. For further information please click on the title. Read More...

Memorial Bench Dedication Alderman Fred Wood-Brignall MBE

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PRESS RELEASE 28th September 2021

Lydd in Bloom 2021

The 2021 Lydd in Bloom presentation evening was held on Monday 27th September in the Council Chamber at the Guild Hall, Lydd where prizes and certificates were awarded to this year’s competition winners.

This was the first presentation evening held in the Guild Hall since Lydd in Lights which was held in December 2019, so it was lovely to welcome everyone to the event.

All the green fingered prize winners were presented with a certificate and a gift voucher for Garden Gems plant nursery and garden centre.

The Lydd in Bloom gardens were preliminary judged by members of Lydd Town Council who were allocated an area to cover and the final judges were the Town Mayor, Cllr Martin Sweeney, the Deputy Mayor Cllr Bob Jones assisted by Mrs Jean Jones and Mr Roger Hooper, Chairman of the Lydd Allotments Association who selected the winners from the shortlists.

The presentation evening was chaired by the Mayor of Lydd who welcomed everyone to the presentation evening and congratulated the winners on their efforts in creating such lovely garden displays. The gift vouchers and certificates were presented by the Mayor and Deputy Mayor and Roger Hooper.

The prize winners were as follows:

The best Allotment Plot in 2019 was chosen as Plot 8 A and B who received a £25 voucher to continue their good work for the most productive and well-tended vegetable garden

The overall winner for Lydd in Bloom 2019 is 97 Station Road who will receive a £25 voucher and they will keep the rose bowl until Lydd in Bloom 2020.

Lydd Town Council funded and awarded the prizes and certificates and continues to be impressed and encouraged by the planting schemes which brighten up our Parish, both Town and Coast and the hard work that our Allotment Plot holders put in.

The Mayor of Lydd, Cllr Graham Snell would like to express his thanks and extend his congratulations to all the winners of this year’s competition and thank Cllr Mrs Jean Jones, and Mr Roger Hooper of the Lydd Allotments Association for their hard work with the judging of the competition.

The winning displays were as follows:

Town – tubs, troughs and baskets

3rd prize £15 voucher 58 Sycamore Close

2nd prize £25 voucher 8 Vinelands

1st prize £35 voucher Star Cottage 18 Station Road

Coast – tubs, troughs and baskets

3rd prize £15 voucher 16 Prior Road

2nd prize £25 voucher 6 Toby Road

1st prize £35 voucher 77 Leonard Road

Town – gardens

3rd prize £15 voucher 31 Sycamore Close

2nd prize £25 voucher 96 High Street

1st prize £35 voucher 85 Manor Road

Coast – gardens

3rd prize £15 voucher 126 Leonard Road

2nd prize £25 voucher 7 Lade Fort

1st prize £35 voucher 79 Leonard Road


3rd prize £15 voucher Royal Oak

2nd prize £25 voucher Brew 32

1st prize £35 voucher Dolphin

Allotment Plot

1st prize £35 voucher Plot 18/19 C&D

Overall winner £60 voucher 85 Manor Road

Each year the Lydd in Bloom rose bowl is presented to the overall winner of the Lydd in Bloom competition and this year Lydd Town Council has introduced a cup for the best well-tended and productive allotment plot. Both these trophies are held by the winners for one year until the next competition takes place.

In 2013 the Allotment Association Management Team was granted self-management of Lydd Allotments. The then Chairman of the Allotment Association was passionate about the allotments and determined to achieve his aim of self-management. Sadly, he passed away too soon after he had reached his goal but Roger Hooper, who has the best collection of flowery shirts in Lydd has continued on the excellent work.

It was Barry Arter who was the Chairman of the Allotments Association at that time and pioneered for self-management and it is in his memory and honour that Lydd Town Council introduced the Barry Arter Cup for the best allotment plot.

Our new Mayoress, Mrs Tracey Sweeney presented the cup to the winner Mr Quinney of Plot 18/19 C&D

which was very fitting as Tracey is the daughter of Barry Arter.

The overall winner of Lydd in Bloom 2021 was 85 Manor Road and the garden was nominated by many residents who enjoy admiring the display and the hard work of the property owner. Along with the prize for best town garden of a £35 voucher the winning overall prize is a £60 voucher and the privilege of holding the Lydd in Bloom rose bowl for a year.

The Mayor of Lydd would like to thank all the residents who had such beautiful displays.

The planting schemes bring a wide range of benefits which include improving the local environment and attract bees and butterflies to the gardens of our parish.

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COVID 19 Measures and Guidelines

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Government Guidance 14th September 2021

Taken from Government Covid 19 response Autumn and Winter Plan 2021

14th September 2021





From 26th July 2021

In accordance with government advice we are working to a gradual return to normal 

·        Please wear a mask when entering the Guild Hall to attend a Council Committee meeting until you are seated.

·        Please sanitise your hands on entering the building and on entering the Council chamber where you should sign in.

·        Please do not attend a meeting if you are displaying any symptoms of Covid 19. You will be asked to confirm this when you arrive.

·        Entry to members of the public will be limited to 9 people on a first come first served basis. Where there is more than 1 person per household, priority will be given to members of different households.

·        Please remain seated at all times during the meeting.

·        Paper copies of agendas will not be provided until further notice

·        If you wish to submit a question, please do so by 9 am on the day of the meeting. Your question should be written in full and will be read by the Mayor or officer of the Council.

·       The limit on numbers of members of public given entry to meetings will be kept under review. 

As well as the Guild Hall, which is a Grade 2 listed building, Lydd Town Council is responsible for the Memorial Gardens in Park Street, the Manor Road Pavilion and the Rype, The Banks Sports Ground and the exterior of the Banks Pavilion and the Allotments Gardens at Dungeness Road. 

The Town Council carries out the administration for the Allotments and the Allotment Association Management Team has responsibility for the on-site maintenance and issuing the plots to new tenants. Please contact the Town Council for an application form should you wish to rent an allotment plot.




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